Pet Tracker 401

All New RF Technology

It is the newest Digital RF technology. When the separation distance between Master and Slave is over 30m, a high 85dB beep alarm occurs in both of Master and Slave which can alarm and remind Master to check where the Pet is immediately. (Under new battery stage, alarm will be 85dB or higher.)

The Smartest Detection & Direction for Searching

Master can search Slave within 0~100m and detect separation distance then display on the Cross LEDs of Master for tracking. More closer to Slave, more LED lights on Master. There is also a wise alarm for low power detection. (Detectable distance depends on the different environment.)

The Comfortable Size of Slave for Most of Pets

The Slave is made by round shape and no sharp edge to hurt your Pet. Moreover, it comes with a rotatable hook for setting on collar then company with your Pet. Under normal using, the slave can adjust the comfortable angle automatically no matter what your pet done.

Sleeping Mode

Pet Tracker comes with “Sleeping Mode” for user to turn this kit off when they don’t need the guard service temporarily.

Unique DIY Sticker

Attach 1 sheet of sticker coming with pets drawing for slave unit. You can DIY to stick it on slave unit being your “own style”.

Water splashy resistant

Optional unique case can cover the Slave for water or dirt splashy resistant.

The Longest Standby Time

The longest battery life time of sleeping mode is 60~90 days.
The longest battery life time of standby mode is 30 days.
(Power efficiency depends on the function usage. Light , Search and Alarm sound will cause shorter battery life time.)

Prevent The Most RF Interference

The Special Data Encryption (SDE) on RF data transmission, 12800 sets (max.) of Master & Slave can be used at same time and same place. No RF interference between this set and the other RF products.

Key Features

•Prevent Pet Loss
•Water splashy resistant
•Detect distance and direction
•Sleeping Mode
•Alarm you when the Pet loss
•Set on most of collar
•DIY sticker for unique style

Pet Tracker

  • Model: ARDI-401
  • Shipping Weight: 0.12Kg

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 26 October, 2012.

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